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Donate Money

The Inventor Forge team is working hard to promote STEAM in the community. We are an IRS recognized non-profit 501c3 public charity which means your donations of time, materials or space may be tax deductible (see your tax adviser for full details.)

You can make a one time or monthly donation of any size securely through the Paypal link below.

What we will use the money for:

  • Purchase of components used in our free classes – Arduinos, breadboards, wire,  components. See our Amazon wish list here.
  • Purchase of components used in our group projects to promote STEAM via community demonstrations.
  • Purchase of tools to be used in our tool share and later in the Makerspace.
  • Expenses related to our meeting locations and events.
  • Expenses related to our IRS and legal filings/maintenance.

What we won’t use the money for: No member of the organization is compensated.

Amazon Smile

You can also make donations while you shop using Amazon Smile. Just choose “Inventor Forge Makerspace” as your charity or use the direct link below:

Amazon Smile Link

After signing up, be sure to grab the browser plugin to help remember to always use Amazon Smile for your purchases!

Donate Tools/Components

We are also accepting equipment, tool and component donations which we can use in our educational endeavors and later in our Makerspace.  This can also be done in a tax friendly way,  email us at to discuss your thoughts.

Donate Time/Expertise

We have openings for several committee members and committee leads to work on things like marketing, website development, and fundraising.  Please complete the form here indicating your interest and contact info:  Volunteer Interest Form

We are also looking for some help around grant application, insurance, liability law and commercial real estate.

Lease Signed for our New IFMS Space

We’ve recently signed a 1 year lease on a 1200 sq/ft location at 235 Jungermann Rd, Suite 112.  This will be our starting location and we plan to move to a larger space, as our numbers grow. Our vision to have enough space to be able to host classes as well as a work space for all manner of activity (art, woodworking, metalworking, 3d printing, etc.) is finally becoming a reality.  Please come for a visit and check out our new space, Opening in June, 2016.

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