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Inventor Forge hosts fun events throughout the year! Keep an eye out here for what is coming up next!

You can find out what we are up to on our MeetUp group.

Nerd Nite STL

Come on out to Nerd Nite!


Nerd Nite has events in almost every major city in the world, except St Louis, but not any more!  See for more about them.


Starting this February 28th (4th Friday of the month) at Inventor Forge Maker Space, will be the first monthly Nerd Nite, a proud celebration of our inner nerdom. Presentations will be made on those topics of interest that will appeal to Nerds. It will be held in the conference room at the Inventor Forge, starting at 7 P.M.


Each talk is 15 minutes or so, with an optional question and answer session if need be. Our target is to have 3 or 4 talks per evening.


Please attend Nerd Nite for fun fellowship and to help celebrate our Maker ethic! It's free and initially we plan on providing refreshments for the meetings, so there isn't really any excuse not to come!



Nerd Nite is open to the public for both attendance and speakers. While we wait for word of mouth to spread, most of the presentations will need to come from us. If you have a project you've done and would like to do a show, share, and tell about it, PLEASE let the Nerd Nite guy, Gary Liming, know about it so you can get on the schedule.  Know of somebody outside the IFMS that would make an interesting talk?  If so, tell us about that as well.  Also, the Nerd Nite committee will be meeting this week, time to be arranged. If you are interested in helping out, please subscribe to the NerdNite channel on Slack for further information

Vive Le Nerde!

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