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Building Adirondack Chairs

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I have been enjoying making Adirondack chairs this summer and fall. I found a nice plan for a folding version made of 5/4 treated lumber. This chair design is from one of my favorite You Tube woodworkers April Wilkerson. Menards sells this lumber as "Thick Deck Boards" and they are 5/4 x 6" (5 1/2"). I look for straight boards and sticker them in my shop for a couple weeks or more before I work with them. To lighten the chair a bit I thickness plane some of the parts like the back slats to about 1" because these 5/4 boards are actually 5/4" thick. I've made 4 so far and they are very nicely sized and comfortable. I bought a set of MDF patterns from April's website which she made on her CNC machine. There is also a PDF with drawings and measurements for parts that don't have a pattern template like the seat slats.

My daughter and my friend Lois helped with filming the process of the 4th one.

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